The New SHP

2013-10-02 18:09:40 by SignHerePlease

ShineHerePlea- I mean SignHerePlease...
Yeah So how you guys like my art these? Have I improved? Do You like the subject matter? Anything you wanna see more of? Any ONE you wanna see more of? Are you enjoying an update almost every day?

I might start adding backgrounds into my work to add atmosphere =D

The New SHP


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2013-10-02 20:56:51

Maybe you ought to look into female ejaculation (non-Futa) and pregnancy fetishes.

SignHerePlease responds:

Yes then no lol


2013-10-02 21:32:57

I love it,like I told you before you are one of my favorite hentai artists! As for the things I want to see more of I would like to see more Kirin and Koinu if it's not too much trouble.


2013-10-02 22:22:22

well now you can instantly get me hard a while back it took 10-12 seconds if that's ok to say I don't really say that much but anyways keep up what you are doing it is awesome ;)


2013-10-03 07:04:40

Awesome as always! Something(s) demonic would be nice.


2013-10-03 13:34:16

I actually like the direction you are headed in. So keep drawing and improving! Also.. more lovely futa :D
Oh just thought of something.. Tira from soul calibur 3 :D futa version >u> lol.. maybe shes pinned down cassandra and sophitia. Would be something to see.

Anyways again nice job and keep it up!

SignHerePlease responds:

tira, I'd forgotten my love for her lol


2013-10-03 15:15:51

Ye, keep trying new stuff

SignHerePlease responds:



2013-10-05 06:09:35

I love it

SignHerePlease responds:



2013-10-08 18:06:40

its awesome as hell


2013-10-09 19:51:45

I would love to see more Raze and Gaara, both futa preferably, also i think your work is improving nicely and i cant wait to see more from you!