Status Report

2013-01-03 21:10:25 by SignHerePlease

As you can see some arts been. Is this Good? Is it Bad? You guys tell me.
How do You feel about me coming back and my artwork?


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2013-01-03 21:31:28

good :)


2013-01-03 23:22:35

I just started looking at your work and I gotta say, I'm a fan already


2013-01-04 05:58:13

I love it but you still need to work on some minor things :)

SignHerePlease responds:

Do tell


2013-01-04 19:27:29

i like it....with less penis id love it i love yr art style and the way u draw tits...buuuut penis throws me off


2013-01-04 19:35:54

Sometimes some of the bodys or body parts just look a little out of place (of what i can think of right now)


2013-01-05 01:28:53

i love your work man, but i gotta say, i think you should just stick to normal chicks,i mean,chicks with dicks is kinda shadlings thing, lol


2013-01-05 09:57:48

great artwork and can only hope that you will keep doing this wonderful thing that puts a smile on the faces of so many people.


2013-01-05 16:09:10

a little dirty for my taste but its extremely good... so keep doing what you love doing!