Follow Me on Tumblr for NSFW Posts and Sketches

2012-12-09 21:52:49 by SignHerePlease

Newgrounds has a submissions cap of 50 pics per month so I can't post EVERYTHING here and dA Has mean rules.
All of which are NOT on tumblr <3
SO follow me there for updates and artistic BS and whatnot, and maybe a funny or porny reblog or two



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2012-12-09 23:37:57

Hey do u do Speed Arts? haha, i think it would be cool to see u do that shit, love ur art!

SignHerePlease responds:

That wud be so hard for me lol


2012-12-10 14:55:53

That does sound quite entertaining, get a livestream account or something! :D


2012-12-10 19:14:09

Well u don't do it fast, u just record it that entire time u make something then put it in a video editing program and speed it up so it is short lol. I'm assuming u know that already haha.


2012-12-17 00:07:53

HAHAHA!!!!4 days ago u responded to a post on onea ur pics saying "well dats wut ya get if people cant fap 2 it!!!"

an u sead "ur SHLICK to it..."

i wanna post an animation about that cus its so funny! u wanna send me that pic and allow me to use that joke? just dont wanna steal it, ya know?...


2012-12-17 00:12:24

actually, i just 'saved as' the pic, so can i use it? pritty please!!!?!!? mabe in a flash colab? probly wont use ur pic in the flash though. just the joke.

SignHerePlease responds:

You can