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Happy Birthday!

2012-10-08 11:43:06 by SignHerePlease

To me <_____<
I turn legal today =D


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2012-12-06 15:06:22

lololol vidgamedude!
vikings need daily pussy! dont make them wait!


2012-10-17 01:32:38

... i'm lost.but happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!


2012-10-13 00:23:16

Saw it was your birthday several days ago. Congrats. Maybe you could do a self-portrait now :P
lol not like that!


2012-10-11 21:08:29

Hey I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and a great party. Also congratulations on being 18. I'm actually a bit surprised. You have artistic like few others. Amazing skill is what you possess, you honestly make the greatest adult art around here on newgrounds. So please, keep doing what you do, cause you do awesome.

SignHerePlease responds:

Damn, my ego just shot up a couple hundred levels0.0


2012-10-11 20:57:38

Oh Mai gawd, wow you're only eighteen and you draw porn like no other, this is funny congrats you actually have rights now use them wisely or you'll get raped in jail, have fun!


2012-10-10 15:07:59

Happy 18th birthday hun! :3 Now you can cover your WHOLE body in tattoos! :D YAAAAY.

SignHerePlease responds:

omfg YES


2012-10-09 17:28:11

oops! i didn't log on yesterday. Happy Birthday friend! i hope it was a good one ^^


2012-10-08 23:30:21

And in come the amassed myriad of neck beards hurling over the mountains with eyes squint, lips puckered, teeth clenched and pasta strung across their pockets.
luckily for you, you're situated in a bunker down hill and gravity will kill most of them on impact.

oh and happy birthday.


2012-10-08 22:58:37

well then happy birthday hope its great your awesome and congratulations


2012-10-08 21:49:18

Happy Birthday have an awesome afternoon, night, whatever, just be happy and receive YOUR gifts!!! hope you have an hilarious birthday... And yeah, keep the good work (you art is almost poetic and somehow it's on the reach of perfection) Enjoy YOUR day, cheers


2012-10-08 21:31:25

Happy B-Day. Advertising much, hah, enjoy.


2012-10-08 17:42:10

Happy Birthday! Hope you thoroughly enjoy a rockin' awesome birthday-bash!!!


2012-10-08 15:51:32

Happy Birthday keep making great art :D


2012-10-08 14:33:41

birthday ._.


2012-10-08 13:43:13

Hey S.H.P Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, and a wonderful birthday.

(Updated ) SignHerePlease responds:

THanks ^^


2012-10-08 13:13:56

Happy Birthday

SignHerePlease responds:

many thanks ^^


2012-10-08 12:47:43

ยก Happy Birthday !, congratulations, have a good day :D

SignHerePlease responds:

I will try ^^


2012-10-08 11:54:56

Happy Birthday! :)

SignHerePlease responds:

It is ^^