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Please keep your transphobic, gay hating, pedophilic, edgy comments and slurs off my page and my art. Say f*ta, tr*p, c*ntboy any of that and I report your review. We don't use those here.
Have a nice day. Play nice.




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PSA For edgy apathetic excuses for human beings.

Posted by SignHerePlease - February 22nd, 2019


Keep your transphobic, gay hating, pedophilic, edgy comments and slurs off my page and my art. Say f*ta, tr*p, c*ntboy any of that shit and you get blocked. We don't do that here.

Have a nice day.


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No Edgy Comments? Damn! It's a product of my crippling depression, so I guess I'm out.

But for real. DO NOT BLOCK! It might SEEM easy but people like that shouldn't be using this site to begin with. Click the little flag above their comment and REPORT it because it is against the Review Guidelines ( https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-information/terms-of-use/review-guidelines?path=/wiki/help-information/terms-of-use/review-guidelines ).

As far as the blocking for using specific words . . . shady. Guaranteed if you make any slip people will use that as a way to call you a hypocrite along with anything else you do.

If you don't mind me asking, though, why those words? Straight up, I don't give a shit, but I've known things like this can effect people in unfortunate ways IF they're not garbage people to begin with. A little more context would help.

As mixmaster1000 said it's much better to just report the comments if they bother you, it may seem like many sites dont do anything about reports but with NG it works wonders.

Now I can see why you could see some of these terms as incredibly offensive, but to come off that harsh is only going to make shitheads and edgelords want to say it more. Just be more respectful and calm about what you want out of your community and change will happen. It'll also keep anyone LOOKING for a block to just go away or at least get a decent debate or conversation out of it.

Anyways hope to see some new art from you in the future, best of luck!

Its such a quick and easy procedure, and honestly isn't worth so much thought. If they want to get blocked thats entirely what get.

Okay I get how the third one can be offensive, but since when has trap and futa been bad? Those are the words one types in when looking for art that you draw, and would you really block somebody just for using those words even if it was meant in a good way like if someone wrote "I love your futa/trap art", or would you ask them not to use those words?

Imagine hearing "I love your n**ger art". Does that sound good to you?
Also: Trap is not just a slur but reflects a mindset that literally gets transwomen killed.
So maybe don't?


You might not be aware of it, but the block function as a concept exists to make people safe and comfortable within their rights online. People get blocked for just being mildly irritating, and that's on the petty end of justifications. It's just a way to curate your own space (and yes, this is Sign's space. This is their page.)

A block isn't the same as doxxing someone or making a callout post about them out of nowhere. It's just a statement that says "I do not want you interacting with me and this is me setting that boundary."

Hey cutie, you should totally call me and we could see a movie.

@SignHerePlease My good Sign, are you hitting on me?? GASP.

Follow the Signs~~~~

@SignHerePlease Are you high in vitamin C? BECAUSE YOU CORNY HAHAHAHAHA GOTEM

@BIG-G @SignHerePlease I respect your opinion I really do, but don't ever compare futa or trap to the N word, it's not even close to being the same. There are communities out there that say futa/trap with love, like here on Newgrounds and 4chan for instance sure there are hateful things as well, but not all. As for the N word, it has hundreds of years of hate behind it and no love.

@BIG-G Racism and Transphobia are both old as hell get this bullshit off my page if you ACTUALLY believe that wholly incorrect narrow minded garbage. Im also not forcing any of you AT ALL to be here on this lame page of mine either so

@BIG-G Go back to favoriting pedo incest art from Shadling, you freak.

So glad I never involve myself in these shitty communities

@Nefepants So I like Shad's work, I just find it sad that you went through my profile to say something negative about me when I said nothing bad about trans art, I enjoy trans art but maybe you already know that since you went through my faves. In other people's eyes your also a freak for liking trans art.

@BIG-G it wasn't just some hentai you liked, seems you've got some loli loving pedophilia up in there and I'm gunna take a wild guess that you find that's perfectly okay and sexualizing kids just when they are cartoons is harmless and fine right. . . We haven't touched the transphobic nature of your reply tho but lets save that for later. I'm curious for now.